Common Practice Areas of Attorneys

While some attorneys are general practice attorneys that work on a variety of cases, most attorneys specialize in a certain area of the law. This allows attorneys to develop special knowledge regarding the area and helps them to become experts in that particular area of law. Some of the most common practice areas of attorneys include:

Criminal Law Attorneys

Criminal attorneys work on defending clients of various crimes. Some crimes may be white collar crimes, such as embezzlement, wire fraud, mail fraud, securities fraud or identity theft. A niche exists for lawyers who only work on DUI and DWI cases. Other criminal attorneys work on cases involving serious crimes, such as rape, murder and armed robbery. Some lawyers work exclusively on capital punishment cases and appeals for individuals who are on death row.

Family Practice Attorneys

Family practice attorneys work on cases that involve family disputes, such as child custody, divorce, child support, spousal support and guardianships. Individuals who need a power of attorney also work in the family practice arena. Family practice attorneys also help with adoptions.

Transactional Attorneys

Transactional attorneys are individuals who work exclusively on business and financial transactions; they do not litigate claims. They complete working such as drafting business contracts, analyzing contracts and interpreting contracts. They may execute employment contracts, draft deeds and work with merger documents.

Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury attorneys work in the tort area of law. They file claims based on negligence, intentional torts and product liability. They sue on behalf of victims of slips and falls, construction accidents, automotive accidents, premises liability injuries and medical malpractice.

Immigration Attorneys

Immigration attorneys work with various bureaucracies to help individuals immigrate to the United States. They may also deal with certain criminal charges, such as drug and sex trafficking cases.

Property Attorneys

Property attorneys work on legal matters that are related to property, such as the drafting of deeds, real estate contracts, restrictive covenants and wills. They may also handle claims regarding adverse possession, licenses and easements. Property attorneys also assist landlords by creating and enforcing leases. They also help tenants who have landlords who have violated the terms of their lease.

Intellectual Property Attorneys

Intellectual property attorneys work on copyright and patent cases. They assist in protecting artwork, computer programs and various product designs.

Bankruptcy Attorneys

These attorneys work only on bankruptcy cases. They help to document an individual’s debts and help the client comply with federal laws regarding bankruptcy.