Choosing the Right Lawyer is Essential to Winning Your Case

Choosing the Right Lawyer is Essential to Winning Your Case

When it comes to your legal case, having a good lawyer can mean the difference between a good outcome and a life-altering one. In the legal arena even simple mistakes can cause you to lose a case, leading to far-reaching consequences that can effect your life for years. A good starting resource for finding the right attorney is your state's bar association. The NY bar, for example, has an excellent lawyer referral page to help you in your search for council. When it is time to choose a good lawyer, there are several factors to take into consideration. If you can't communicate with your lawyer, you are at risk of losing your case. Nobody knows the case better than you do, so you have to provide the attorney will all of the pertinent facts to argue your case. Make sure to review your defense with your lawyer in advance and discuss any points you want him to cover.

Your lawyer should be reasonably available when you need him. If you have breaking information in your case, there may be deadlines for taking actions on that information. A lawyer who misses a deadline can spell doom for your case. Make sure you can get in touch with your attorney during business hours. When searching for an attorney, take note of how easy it is to reach your potential lawyer. This will give you a sense of how things will proceed in your case.

Some attorneys specialize in certain avenues of law. While most attorneys will be familiar with basic legal principles, it is important to choose one that is an expert in your area of law. A patent attorney who has never handled a divorce is not the best choice for your custody case. Don't choose a real estate attorney to try your criminal case. A family attorney may not have the knowledge to represent you in a worker's compensation case. Make sure that your attorney has experience in handling and winning cases similar to yours.

Law is all about details. Most people think that cases are won and lost based on the facts of the case. The reality is that many a case has been won or lost due to technical details in the trial. An attorney that overlooks details can fail to file a document in time and cost you thousands of dollars in damages. Make sure your attorney has a strong eye and attention to detail before you hire him for your case.

There are many ways to choose a good lawyer. Take care to hire someone that is competent to help you win your case.

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Zadroga Act Finally Passed into Law, ensuring compensation for WTC 9/11 victims and their families

After two long intense and frustrating years, the Zadroga Act is now officially a law. It is interesting to note that it took Washington so long to make the decision considering how important this law's passing is. With it in place, the World Trade Center Health Program is going to be fully funded for 75 years and any individuals who have gotten sick due to exposure at Ground Zero will have a lifelong program to turn to.

Major factors of the Zadroga Act include:
  • Any individual with a new illness who has never filed a claim may now do so.
  • A person with a pending claim, but has been diagnosed with a new illness, could be eligible for a higher award.
  • Anyone who has received an award but been diagnosed with a new illness may file a new claim.
  • An individual who has become disabled may file a claim.
  • The family of a 9/11 victim who died of an illness listed with the Fund can file a claim.

Additionally, the current Victim Compensation Fund will continue for five more years. It is believed all claims with the organization will have been fulfilled by May 2016. Award letters will have been sent out with compensation to be received shortly after. Otherwise, anyone who wants to file a new claim can do so until the Fund closes in 2021. There may also be eligibility for additional awards if you have been diagnosed with a new illness or if your personal circumstances have changed.

The World Trade Center Health Program is available to everyone in need of free health care. If you lived or worked in the Ground Zero area during and after 9/11, it is the best place to see if you have certified injuries or illnesses that make you eligible for the Victims Compensation Fund.

The Zadroga Act is named for New York City police officer James Zadroga. Officer Zadroga was a first responder following the September 11th attacks, participating in the rescue and recovery, and removal of rubble. He would eventually die of respiratory disease which would be directly linked to the conditions of the air at Ground Zero.

If you believe you have been victimized as a result of 9/11, you should contact the World Trade Center Victims Claim Center. You will be provided with exemplary legal advice and services, and get help determining if you are entitled to compensation.